Motivational poem: A hunter friend

Get encouraged to dare your goals

image of a hunter

It just happens, somehow, that everyone needs some motivation. Below is a motivational poem to tell you a short witty story. No matter what anyone goes through in life, there’s nothing that can make them fail if they don’t give up. This poem written by Adole Stephen, one of our contributors here, would sure not only entertain you; we believe it’ll motivate you to take that great step.

I had a hunter friend once
Who never took home any game.
He always thought the best was yet to come,
So he’d let the squirrel pass,
Also the rabbit.
“What if I meet an antelope?” He thought.
So he never troubled his quiver.

Like this friend of mine
Some would not sow
For the reason of the cold.
Like the poet who got a rusty pen
Because he awaits a better line.

Well, if you unmuzzle the Muse
You’d find it was never dumb.
For error after another error
And your lines would take on gallantry.
Trial after trial
Brings mastery.
Half and half again
And you’d have a whole,
But multiplied zeroes
Equal multiple zeroes.

A portion for the brave,
Another for the coward,
But let him who would
Roast his game
Have a good meal.
For the poor and the rich
Have one thing in common:
They both can think.

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