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Kano’s Hisbah kicks against Black Friday; writes media companies

The body charged with the enforcement of the Shariah law in Kano State, Kano Hisbah, has warned against the practice of Black Friday. Which makes many business do giveaways to customers as the Yuletide approaches.

The group issued a letter to media stations in Kano to stop promoting Black Friday because it goes against the practice of Islam. According to Hisbah, Friday is a holy day and it should not be called “black”. In the Western and African sense of the word, black represents evil.

Although this has nothing to do with the practice of selling costly items at lower prices, Hisbah has warned. The group is renowned for enforcing a ban against the sale of alcohol and it has destroyed many truckloads of them.

China has its version of Black Friday, which is a western practice. But unlike China, Nigeria and other African countries have failed to indigenize the concept.

Hisbah issues warning against Black-Friday

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