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Okada Ban: FCT Okada riders “violently” resist Task Force in Dutse-Alhaji

Members of the FCT Task Force, sent to enforce the ban on commercial motorcyclists (Okada riders), met stiff resistance, on Thursday, December 3, 2020.

It is no more news that the FCT administration has been enforcing a ban on commercial motorcycle operators. Their recent effort to enforce same took place at Dutse-Bwari road, close to the power line in Dutse Alhaji.

Eye witness accounts revealed that no less than 10 trucks were filled with seized motorcycles. Lucky Okada riders were seen hurriedly leaving major streets for fear of arrest.

Sporadic gunshots were fired by policemen and soldiers, who came to the area after aggrieved Okada riders tried to fight back. One person, a man, was reported critically injured, during the incident.

The aggrieved were seen with machetes and knifes, as they protested the actions of the FCT Task Force. This forced many residents of the area to scamper for safety.

The hardship that most Nigerians face, as a result of the Covid-19 and economic downturn have pushed many to find ways to survive. Also, the ban on Okada riders will no doubt render many youths jobless.

I have given marching orders to the Nigerian army” – Muhammadu Buhari

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