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Fake Covid-19 Vaccine: NAFDAC says it has not approved any vaccine

The National Agency for Food and Drug, Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has reacted to alleged fake Covid-19 vaccines purportedly in circulation in Nigeria. Despite doubts and conspiracy theories surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, some Nigerians are reportedly receiving Covid-19 vaccines — under NAFDAC’s nose!

The vaccines, according to unofficial reports, are said to be ordered from some online platforms while the sellers dispatch them to the Nigerian buyers.

Notable among the countries where the vaccines are reportedly shipped from are India, China, Russia, and the United States of America. However, these vaccines are subject to approval from both national and international bodies –even as scientists wonder over the speed the Covid-19 vaccine was announced ready and quickly given emergency approval.

NAFDAC, the drug regulatory body in Nigeria has to give approval too before any vaccine can be administered in Nigeria.

NAFDAC has warned against any attempt to get vaccines without seeking its approval. This is because just like fake drugs, fake Covid-19 vaccines can be dangerous to the health of those that take them.

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