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Federal Government of Nigeria dismisses “Assist Nigeria”, says it is fake

The Federal Government through the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has dissociated self from an organization parading itself as Assist Nigeria — calling it fake.

The organization claims to be representing the federal government in implementing one of its numerous social investment programs.

One thing that the Buhari-led administration would be remembered for is its massive social intervention and job creation programs. Whereas many argue that the programs are largely unsustainable, they have been done in such a way that people who are not connected to politicians are the ones benefiting more from the programs.

The Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development have warned members of the public against a group that call themselves “Assist Nigeria”. The Ministry maintains that the group has nothing to do with the Federal Government of Nigeria and is not really assisting anybody.

This was made public on January 10, 2021, on the social media platform of the Ministry. “Assist Nigeria” has the logo of the Federal Government along with its own logo, on its website. It invites unsuspecting members of the public to apply fro financial assistance.

It has the name of the Ministry boldly displayed on their website and that is why the Ministry has reacted calling it fake.

Why is FG not prosecuting these scammers?

It cannot be explained. Recall that many groups have been copying the Federal Government’s programs and using same to scam vulnerable Nigerians. All the government agencies do is dissociate self from the scammers and warn the public to avoid them.

But is that enough as a government? Should the criminals not be tracked and brought to book so others can be deterred from joining them in the scam business? Impersonation is a crime in Nigeria. Impersonating the government is a bigger crime.

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