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WHO: Tobacco addiction causes Covid-19 complications

The World Health Organization (WHO) has begun the year 2021 by campaigning against the use of tobacco. Many other health issues have been overshadowed by the coronavirus pandemic but the WHO does not want that to continue in 2021.

One of its Digital Health Workers called Florence has been working on a project to stop the use of tobacco. Florence is a robot — artificially intelligent.

It is medically proven that tobacco harms all the organs in the human body. However, its consumption globally has remained very high. Despite conditions imposed on its consumption, millions of tobacco are still sold daily, around the world.

Florence is WHO project that is helping many people that have become addicted to tobacco. While the tobacco industry argue that they have products that help regulate the use of tobacco, WHO believes tobacco companies are destroying lives.

WHO presents Florence position as:

” Believe in yourself. you are more powerful than tobacco addiction.”

Florence provides free digital counseling to people that have become addicted to tobacco. He uses artificial intelligence to achieve this and great progress has been recorded — through his campaign.

How Florence works
He has a video conversation with tobacco addicts. It is usually a short conversation to help them see how tobacco increases their chances of getting complications from Covid-19. By means of artificial intelligence, it counsels those affected.

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