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Museum of Sir Victor Uwaifo in Benin city, Edo state

The late singer, Sir Victor Uwaifo left behind a magnificent music museum in Edo State.

The museum contains many artworks and sculptures, including a depiction of his encounter with a mermaid at the Lagos beach.

The late music legend Victor Uwaifo achieved great fame and wealth during his lifetime. He setout to build a lasting legacy through a famous museum that he personally established in Edo State.

Edo state is known to host the palace of the Oba of Benin, a notable tourist destination. The palace often comes to mind following issues about the return of some ancient artefacts stolen by colonial overloads. When all the stolen ancient artworks are returned, Benin will be invigorated as a tourist hub. But before that is achieved, relevant government agencies should adopt the music museum.

The museum belonging to the late singer is a magnificent structure with immense tourism potentials. It has the shape of an air plane and it was designed by Victor Uwaifo himself. Professor Victor Uwaifo was not known only for his music because he designed the museum by himself. He was a graphic artists as well as an architect with academic qualifications to back it up.  

The museum is said to have sculptured depiction of his encounter at the beach where he saw a Mermaid, (Mammy water) in local Nigerian parlance. This event inspired the “Guitar boy” for the rest of his life.

It also has some historical depictions that are relevant to Benin history. Aside from these, early musical instruments that the singer used are also on display at the museum. There are many other things there for sightseeing and knowledge that will be of interest to foreign visitors.

When developed to full capacity the museum can draw both national and international visitors to Edo state.

Location of the Museum

The music museum privately owned by Sir Victor Uwaifo is located in Benin-City, the Edo State Capital. It has played host to many journalists, government officials and individuals that want to learn more about the great artist and the History of music in the ancient Benin kingdom.

Following the demise of the Sir Victor Uwaifo, a government takeover of the museum is expected. However, whether this takeover happens now or never, it will remain a reference point for many years to come.

The singer who lived between 1941 and 2021 attained fame early in his career and he was famous around the world.

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