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The political side of Chief Innocent Chukwuma (Innoson Motors Chairman)

Chief Innocent Chukwuma  was born in 1961, one year after Nigeria gained her independence. He is not one of those that struggled for independence or claim to be regarded as some elder-statesmen. We cannot yet classify him in the group of Nnamdi Azikiwe and others that played prominent national roles. 

In pre-independence Nigeria, there is the Chief Okotie Eboh and many Igbos that distinguish themselves as competent and capable including the father of Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu.. He is known for some other things. What most people know about Chief Innocent Chukwuma.  Is not all that there is about the business mogul. For most people, Chief Innocent is the founder of Innoson Group.  

a car manufacturing company that relies heavily on local content. Innoson has an established  company in Nigeria and it is a reference point when it comes to industrialization of Nigeria. The company can match its counterpart all over the world. There are many sides to Chief Innocent.

Chief Innocent Chukwuma and Politics

He is a national figure. In the Nigerian business world, he stands tall as one who has a grass to grace story. From selling spare parts he grew his business to a world class standard that it is today. Little wonder he got the order of the Officer of the Federal Republic (OFR) a title/honour bestowed on worthy sons of Nigeria.

However, in 2013, his political relevance was demonstrated after his appointment by former presented Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign team. It was not a government appointment but a political one. He became the deputy chairman of the  Board of trustees of the Goodluck Sambo coalition. His presence in the group  made it more impactful as they toured the lengths and breadths of Nigeria seeking support for the former president hence his impressive performance at the polls despite overwhelming opposition.

Like many other serial entrepreneurs in the Southeast, Innocent Chukuwma hails from Nnewi Anambra state. Back then at a lecture at the Kogi State University, a notable professor, Chris Nwodo claims that there are many billionaires in Anambra state than they are across Nigeria.

He stressed that they are young billionaires many of whom gave up schooling to pursue businesses. The Igbos have an apprenticeship system that enables older and wealthier men to train and bring up younger billionaires to take over from them. Also, there is no record that the founder of Innoson Motors went through any system of  mentorship. Rather he was said to have been engaged in spare part trading. 

His story may not be the same with many young men today who despite working hard cannot make ends meet. The 2013 role of this billionaire in the Nigerian political space  brings to light an aspect that not many people know about. As 2023 general elections and the Anambra guber polls draws closer, Chief Innocent may once more enjoy the patronage of politicians across Nigeria He commands a huge following and influence. He still strives today despite evidently supporting the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party against the present All Progressives Congress.

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