Weighing 30 tons. Overview of the Korean excavator Hyundai HX300SL


The 30-ton Hyundai HX300SL is a productive machine with an ergonomic cab that even an operator with little experience can operate efficiently from day one. More about the excavator – in the review

The most demanded during construction are 30-ton excavators. They are visible everywhere: during the construction of an embankment, when excavating land for pits and trenches, when moving materials and goods. These machines work not only with their direct working equipment – a bucket with a volume of 1.5 cubic meters, but also with a hydraulic hammer, a drill, a vibratory pile driver and sometimes equipment for felling trees. When you look at the excavator during operation, the hidden power and grace of movement are impressive, while the machine does not look huge: length – 10.74 m; width – 3.2 m; height – 3.32 m, and all this with a weight of 30.2 tons.

Thanks to the large glazing in the car, a good view in all directions (the so-called viewing angle is 360 degrees). And if the operator looked at something, electronic assistants will come to the rescue, which will notify you of the presence of foreign objects in the area of ​​work being carried out. The wiper on the windshield does not restrict the view and, together with the glass, rises under the cab roof. The cab is moved forward, beyond the boom fulcrum, and the raised boom does not block the view, which creates conditions for calm and safe work. At the same time, when installing the excavator at the work site, one should take into account the considerable turning radius of the platform counterweight – 3.3 m.

The working conditions of the operator are thought out. The cabin is bright and spacious, not overloaded with controls, there is only the most necessary. The effect of spaciousness is enhanced by light cladding and an abundance of natural light penetrating through large windows from all sides. There is plenty of legroom left. Armrests together with joysticks are adjustable/adjustable for the operator. The chair is mounted on a sled 300 mm long and moves along them along with the control consoles. The left control console rises almost vertically, so you can move freely around the cab. Even a large person sitting in a chair has a lot of space above his head and around his shoulders, because the width inside is 1.2 m with a height of 1.7 m. Useful little things are provided, such as a cup holder, a mobile phone charging socket, various niches and, of course, a modern audio system.

Simplicity and ease of control of this colossus is the main difference from previous modifications. The excavator reacts easily and smoothly to the movements of the joysticks, there is no sharpness or excessive sensitivity. An operator with little experience or who has moved from another machine will quickly master it. This is facilitated by the fact that the control of the joysticks is distributed according to the standard European scheme: the left one is the handle and the turn of the platform, the right one is the boom and bucket. At the same time, the machine is delivered from the factory with a preset for 6 operating modes. The operator selects the mode suitable for this work or sets up the machine for himself in a special, so to speak, user mode.

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