CBD: A Safe, Effective Alternative to Apoquel for Dogs


Apoquel is a drug used to treat dogs with allergies, anxiety, and other behavioral issues. It has been proven effective in combating symptoms of these conditions, but it is not without its side effects. As a natural alternative to apoquel, many pet parents have turned to CBD oil for dogs, that do not come with the same risks of side effects and allergic reactions. Here are some crucial reasons why you might consider switching from Apoquel to CBD:

Apoquel: What is it, and how does it work?

Apoquel is a prescription medication for dogs used to treat allergies and itchiness. It is an immunosuppressant drug that blocks specific immune system cells from reacting.

It works by blocking the production of histamine in your dog’s body. Histamine causes inflammation, itching, and redness in the skin.  

Apoquel and CBD: What’s the difference between them?

Apoquel is a drug for dogs with canine cognitive dysfunction disorder (CCDD). It treats the symptoms of CCDD, which include anxiety, confusion, and disorientation. It’s also used to treat separation anxiety and noise phobia in dogs.

 On the other hand, CBD is a chemical found in cannabis plants that are sometimes used as an alternative treatment for epilepsy or chronic pain in humans and pets. It may also help reduce anxiety in dogs.

If you want to treat the root cause of your dog’s allergies, CBD is a better option than Apoquel.

Common Causes of Allergies in Dogs 

So, what causes allergies in a dog? The answer includes:

  • Flea bites (fleas are small, wingless insects that live on the skin of animals and humans)
  • Dander from your dog or other animals, such as cats or rabbits
  • Allergies to food ingredients like milk, soybean, wheat, and corn. A dog may have an allergy to a specific substance in their food, or it could be due to an intolerance for a particular protein in their diet (common allergens include beef and chicken).

Other common allergies associated with canine skin issues include:

  • Pollen.
  • Dust mites, mold spores.
  • Chemicals are found in the environment, such as cleaning products and pesticides.

How CBD oil gives relief to your dog’s allergy?

CBD oil is a natural alternative to apoquel, known to have an anti-inflammatory effect. It is a powerful antioxidant, promoting healthy skin and fur by protecting it from environmental damage.

It can be used topically or taken orally. If your dog is suffering from allergies, CBD oil can be added to his food or given directly under his tongue. It is safe for all dogs and cats, even those with other health issues such as seizures or cancer.

CBD oil for dogs: how does it work?

If you’re considering CBD oil as a way to treat your dog’s allergies, you may want to pay attention to the following signs:

  • Your dog’s overall comfort level should improve.
  • Their appetite should start coming back.
  • They’ll become more active and playful again.
  • Their skin and coat will improve, so they shed less and look younger. 

If your dog’s allergies improve, you’ll know that CBD oil works. You should see a big difference in their overall attitude and behavior.


If your dog has allergies and you’re looking for a safe treatment option to help them feel better, it might be worth trying out CBD oil. It’s a natural substance with no side effects and can be used by dogs of all ages. It’s safe to use, affordable, and easy to administer.

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