Healthy Food Items To Order Online As A Gift For Your Girlfriend


There is a rising trend among people to follow conscious food items and indulge in healthy food habits. People have now become more interested in knowing about the ingredients in their food. It is obviously a healthy choice, but when it comes to gifting to health-conscious people, there can be nothing more difficult than choosing an appropriate gift for them. 

Festivals, occasions, and unhealthy foods go hand in hand. An occasion that might start as just “a cheat day” may continue for months or even years. This is probably something you would not want to happen with your loved ones. Gifting them boxes of Nutella or choco chip cookies might be the worst decision you can ever make. 

The good thing is you do not need to scratch your head any further. We have listed some amazing food gift items to give to your loved ones or special ones. Trust us! Every option is going to be a healthy one. 

10 Gifts To Give Your Health-Conscious Girlfriend 

Having a health-conscious friend is great, especially if it’s someone special! They are someone who inspires us to be healthy and make good food choices, which help us in having good heart and gut health. But the problem arises when we have to give them something healthy on special occasions, because of limited options available in the market.

But you do not need to worry any further, thinking of healthy gifts for girlfriend, as we are here to help you out. Now you do not need to have to give her something that breaks her dieting! 

1] Protein Snacks Box 

Protein is one of the favorite micronutrients consumed by health-conscious people. They like to have protein in each of their meals as it helps to lose weight without losing muscles. You can give your girlfriend a box of protein-rich snacks containing box protein bars, beetroot chips, peanut bars, and cookies. 

2] Sugar-Free Sweets 

Dieticians and nutritionists swear by not consuming sugar in any form. They are the biggest culprit in gaining weight and aging. If you care about the health of your girlfriend but also want to gift her favorite, ‘Kaju Katli,’ but do want to compromise with their health, then you can gift them sugar-free sweets. By having sugar-free sweets, they can not only relish their favorite food but also not break their diet. 

3] Dry Fruits 

When talking about healthy foods, how can the list be complete without dry fruits? Examples such as almonds, pistachios, raisins, walnuts, etc. Instead of giving your soulmate high-calorie and sugary food items, choose to give them dry fruits. They contain healthy fats, and micronutrients, that provide nourishment to the skin, making it look younger and obviously aiding in weight loss as well. 

4] Vegan Chocolates 

Vegan-friendly chocolates, such as dark chocolates, which contain high amounts of cacao, are one of the most preferred choices for health-conscious people. Go for chocolates having content of more than 50% cacao, which is a healthier alternative to milk or creamy chocolates. They make for a great healthy gift and also help in satiating the craving for something sweet. 

5] Oats Cookies 

If your girlfriend like to have cookies every now and then, but avoid eating them due to the fear of gaining weight, then you can gift them oats cookies. These cookies are made from oats flour, which is considered to be a healthier alternative to wheat flour. You can even bake them to make them extra special for your girlfriend. She will definitely enjoy your handmade oats cookies. 

6] Healthy Snacks Subscription Box 

Healthy food subscription ideas are emerging as a new trend for gifting ideas. These subscription boxes come to your doorstep every month with amazing healthy food choices. Let us be honest! Everybody likes munching, but the options for healthy snacks are very limited. These subscription boxes ensure that your special one never runs out of healthy snacks to munch on. You can send gifts to Bangalore via eCommerce websites that offer subscription boxes for healthy foods. 

7] Cold Pressed Fruit Juices 

If your girlfriend is a health-conscious person but doesn’t like consuming vegetables or fruits, then cold-pressed juices are for them. Through this, they can complete their daily intake of fruits and vegetables. You can gift them cold-pressed juices of guava, orange, litchi, kiwi, etc. They will surely love your gift and relish the drink without any guilt. 

8] Chocolate Coated Dry Fruit 

Chocolate-coated dry fruits are the tastiest healthy food items that you can gift your girlfriend. These lip-smacking dry fruits include almonds, pistachios, and walnuts which are covered in chocolates and are amazing in taste. You can even choose which type of chocolates can be poured over dry fruits and can get it customized according to your preference. Your girlfriend will not stop thanking you for the amazing and delicious treat. 

9] Zero Preservative Packaged Food Items

We normally ignore these things, but preservatives do a lot more harm to our bodies than good. Preservatives laden food items must be avoided at any cost, whenever possible. They are used to preserve foods for longer periods and increase their shelf life. Make sure to choose zero-preservative foods while choosing packaged food items. They might have less shelf life, but they are healthier versions and does not harm our body. 

10] Sugar-Free And Vegan Cake 

Cakes are evergreen. You can never go wrong with them. You can gift your loved one their favorite cake, which is sugar-free and doesn’t vegan in nature. It is one of the best options for health-conscious people who do not get enough opportunity to relish these delicious items because of the content in them. You can either get it from a cake shop or bake it on your own. Your soulmate will surely appreciate your efforts and even love you more for being considerate towards her. 


Gifting is an art, and many people agree with this fact. But it sometimes baffles us as to what to gift to our health-conscious soulmates. It requires a lot of research about ingredients and contents that go inside healthy food items. 

Fortunately, now you have enough healthy food items to win the heart of your beloved girlfriend.

So, if you are ordering it from online stores, then make sure to go for a trusted and reliable website that has been in the market for a long time. It is also important to go through the reviews and see what other customers have experienced with it. This will ensure that your loved one receives the best and the most amazing present on special days.

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