How Can LMS Make Student Assessment Easy?


Teachers teach students with the motive of imparting knowledge and useful skills to the students. And to assess whether students gained the taught knowledge and trained skills assessments and projects are taken. Traditionally, when teachers need to assess students’ knowledge levels they would take tests in class and give students projects to make, but in online learning, this process changes. 

In online learning where the whole process is done virtually and software like admission management system and LMS are used for admission to learning; assessment needs to be done virtually too. An LMS helps teachers in this process of assessing students online.

As you might know, LMS or Learning Management System is used to create online learning material for students, and it distributes, collects and tracks students’ progress. However, LMS isn’t only used to teach students but its various tools are used for assessment too. 

Here in this article, you will get informed about how LMS can make student assessment easier. 

Assessment and Exercises: The very first thing that helps the teacher asses students’ education level are the assessment, exercises, quizzes and tests etc. which teachers can create and distribute to students. Along with the course creation tools, LMS also has the feature of creating quick quizzes or exercises and assignments that they can insert after each chapter or at the end of the module. This way teachers don’t have to create a separate assignment, they can just create it once using LMS tools and insert it into the course. 

Use Automatic Assignment Grading System: Teachers know how time-consuming grading papers and assignments could be, but LMS can change this. Several LMS software has the feature of an automatic grading system using which teachers can grade the online submitted assignments and answers without any manual labour. It is a faster and more accurate way of grading papers and providing timely feedback to the students. 

Use Automatic Rubrics: Rubrics, an achievement measuring tool which is used to measure the academic progress of students. If teachers want they can integrate online automatic rubrics into the LMS, using which teachers can easily mark and track students’ progress. Another benefit of using this is that students can also check their report and the feedback provided by the teachers provides them insight into their weak and strong points, and help them in improving and performing better, academically.  

One-to-One Sessions: As mentioned earlier, the LMS system is used to create online learning content and upload it, after which it is the student’s responsibility to learn from the courses. Yes, teachers keep tabs on students’ interactions with various courses and provide their feedback through emails and messages; but sometimes students need more accurate and straightforward directions. That is why several LMS systems also have the feature of setting one-to-one sessions between teacher and student. During this a teacher and a student can talk virtually, students can discuss their problems and teachers can direct them towards the right path, to achieve academic goals.

Get Submission Notification: Sometimes, teachers don’t want to use the automatic grading system of LMS, because they want to check students’ mistakes themselves and correct them by writing personalized feedback, especially when students have to submit research papers. And in such cases, teachers would want to sit and check every paper at once. To get informed that all students have submitted their assignments, teachers can enable the notification feature for every assignment submission made. Once all the student’s submissions are made teachers can start grading papers and provide feedback to all students.   

Give Clear Instructions to Students: One of the best ways to avoid any problem during the assessment period is that students are well-informed about what is expected from them. Give clear guidelines for courses, assignments and deadlines. This not only ensures that students complete their courses on time but also become responsible towards their learning.

Analytics Reports: Almost every LMS, student information system or teacher app has this feature where teachers have access to the analytics report of every student. This analytic report has every detail from log-in hours to assessments completed by students. This information makes it easier for teachers to assess students’ academic progress.    

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