How Shoreditch Became a London Business Hub (& Why You Should Base Your Office There)


Over the years, Shoreditch has cultivated a reputation that revolves around hipster bars, artisan eateries, awe-inspiring street art, and vintage boutiques. Not only is this area high on the list of ‘places to go’ for tourists, but Shoreditch is also a thriving hub for business and is a great place for business owners to base their companies. Here is a short guide about how Shoreditch became a London business hub, and a few compelling reasons why you should rent an office there. 

  1. Taking it Back to the 1500s

Those who know their history will know that Shoreditch was all about English theatre back in the day. In fact, the first playhouse in England, ‘The Theatre’, was built in Shoreditch in 1576. This playhouse was the stage for some of William Shakespeare’s work. Following on from its theatrical past, Shoreditch became a hub for the textile and furniture industries in the 17th century. Unfortunately, the aftermath of World War 2 paved the way for the economic decline of the once thriving area of London.

  1. Rising from the Flames

Shoreditch slowly became an increasingly trendy area of London in the mid-90s and developed a reputation for up-and-coming eateries, art galleries, and bars. With the increase in popularity, property value within the area also increased, and a number of old industrial buildings transformed into residential and commercial spaces.

  1. Tech City

In 2008, what is known today as Tech City was born. Tech City came about after a cluster of web businesses made the Old Street Roundabout their base. A few of the initial emerging enterprises included, Livemusic and Dopple. The high number of high-tech and digital companies in Shoreditch, especially the Old Street Roundabout, lead to it being fondly named the Silicone Roundabout.

  1. Network with the Best in the Business

Nowadays, the area is still a major hub for web technology companies and a popular base for media businesses. This business hub is a great place for business owners of established companies and startups to rub shoulders and connect.

  1. Affordable and Accessible

Office space in Shoreditch is both affordable and accessible. Despite the popularity of the area, office space to rent in Shoreditch London is still more cost-effective than renting space in other places in London, such as central London and the West End. Another compelling reason to base a business in Shoreditch is the excellent transport links on offer. Shoreditch benefits from being close to major transportation hubs and direct links to London City Airport and St Pancras International.

  1. Appeals to Young Professionals

Besides the hip vibe of the local area, there are university campuses within the vicinity. This means that there are plenty of graduates and young professionals looking to start their budding careers in Shoreditch.

  1. Home to Different Types of Companies

Shoreditch might house the headquarters of a few leading tech firms, like Amazon and Cisco, but other well-known firms also call this up-and-coming area it’s home. They include financial services companies like KPMG and Barclays. Shoreditch is also home to a plethora of creative and design businesses too.

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