The Most Popular Casino Games among Women


Can you guess which games women like to play for money? Poker, slots, and roulette are on this list, but this list continues. Betting is wrongly considered a traditionally male activity. Although a large number of women also play casino games. According to statistics, women bet almost twice as often as men, with 39% of betting times compared to 61%. However, their number is still significant in understanding which games women prefer. Surely, playing on reliable websites, such as PinUp, is one of the main factors for women who are interested in casino games. Let’s see the most popular casino games among women on online gambling sites.

Poker Games

It is not surprising that poker is among the favorite games of women in the casino. History has seen several outstanding female poker players who compete in the WSOP and other tournaments even better than men. At least you should have heard of Jennifer Harman and Vanessa Selbst. The last person with 3 WSOP bracelets and more than 12 million dollars won is the world champion. Inspired by Selbst, many women are trying their hand at poker. Today, most of them play this classic cartoon game online or live in professional online casinos such as PinUp Casino. This helps to practice and sharpen skills and avoids possible prejudices about women who bet.

Slot Machines 

Slot games are one of the easiest games in online and offline casinos. Therefore, they are very popular with both male and female gamblers. Women enjoy playing slots because they don’t take much time and are very easy to play and remember the rules. All you have to do is place a stake and spin the wheels to win. According to the latest research, The most popular slots among women are fruit machines. Also, women often play fantasy-themed slots at online casinos and ancient Egyptian-themed games.

Note: Gamblers can find a wide range of slot machines in PinUp Casino and enjoy their time. 


Another popular game of chance among women is roulette. The game is easy enough, and it can be called win and win because all you have to do is put on the number/color of the stock and let the dealer spin the wheel. If the result is correct, the player wins money. Female gamblers often play European and American roulette games in online casinos and land-based locations. However, if you are new to betting, start with European Roulette as the game with a higher winning probability. It is worth mentioning in PinUp Casino, you can find both American and European roulette games and choose the one that suits you. 


Bingo is a very popular game among women. This is the only betting game where the number of female players is three times more. If you have ever been to a bingo hall, you may have seen mostly women trying their luck. The widespread popularity of bingo among women is understandable. This is different from other casino games. While roulette or slots are still very noisy and emotional, The bingo game is quiet and slow. In addition, game operators focus more on branding and feminine language to attract players, which works. As a result, almost 80% of bingo fans are women.

Note: To play Bingo, you need to find a professional and reliable online website. We offer PinUp to all gamblers. It can provide you with all the necessary services and features. 


The lottery situation is similar to bingo. Since both games are quite similar, the lottery is also popular with women. In addition, this game of chance is easily accessible worldwide, making it one of the most visited games in history. Therefore, a large number of women play the lottery in online casinos. 

However, the online platform’s safety and professionality are very important factors for gamblers. PinUp is an online site that is secure and offers huge categories of casino games and possibilities. 

PinUp as a Trustable Website for Gamblers

Nowadays, casino sites have become a source of money for users, and it is interesting to know from the statistics that women’s casino sites were more profitable and were able to achieve a higher percentage of success. However, what is clear is that playing in trustable and secure online gambling platforms is important for all women and men. But finding a reliable site takes work. In this regard, we offer PinUp to all gamblers. This online platform can provide users with a wide range of casino games, it is secure, and players can use it from anywhere and at any time via mobile application. 

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