What was going on before Ronaldo played in the World Cup?


And all because Ghanaian fans were promised free tickets.

The Portuguese team kicked off against Ghana at 19:00 in the comfort of Qatar, but not everyone arrived at the stadium by that time. At the entrance hundreds of fans crowded around the stadium, who could not get into the stadium, but trying to do everything for this: and break through “a train”, and rushed in disperse.

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The crowd was so large that the law enforcement had to bring in the mounted police and scare the people with dogs.

People were crowding, shouting and trying to get to the entrances in various ways. At one point the fans lined up in a serpentine fashion, in a long line, clinging to one another.

Policemen arranged a small circle, stretching along the line of fans. Horseback police reinforcements also arrived on the scene.

“People are looking for tickets to get to the match against Portugal,” one Ghanaian explained. – The Ghana Supporters Association was supposed to give out tickets before the match, but they couldn’t do it. Everyone is in a hurry, trying to snatch at least some tickets because they couldn’t get the very free ones. The association promised to support the fans and hand out tickets before the match. This should have been organized before people came to Qatar. “In case of unrest, the police lined the perimeter, there were also service dogs there – in case someone had to disperse again.

But they didn’t have to: some fans managed to get printed tickets and the rest united by the big cup and had a feast there – no one forbade them to have fun.

Another fan said that about 3,000 fans came to the World Cup with free tickets, and the main problem with organizing the whole good event was the lack of information. “We didn’t know we had to do the Hayya Card,” he explained. – All the crush happened because of that. They should have told us about it before we got here.”

Despite what was going on outside the arena, there were decent Ghanaian fans in the stadium – they were lucky enough not only to be in the stands that night, but to see two goals against Portugal and also to witness the world record set by Cristiano Ronaldo.

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