When John McEnroe was defaulted in the 1990 Australian Open


Legendary former tennis player John McEnroe is well remembered for his incredible talent. You can watch live kabaddi matches streaming in HD through 1xBet, where other highly talented athletes can also be followed.

However, the American was also very famous for his outbursts. Some of them were quite costly for him, such as the one that took place in the 1990 Australian Open. This was definitely one of the most high-profile incidents of this kind in the history of the sport. If a kabaddi player is likely to have an outburst, make sure to watch his live kabaddi match with a streaming in HD through the 1xBet bookmaker.

Trying to win a major tournament

McEnroe experienced a long drought of Grand Slam titles that began in 1984, when he was 24 years old. On the 21st of January 1990, being 30 years old at the time, he wanted to end said drought and claim a new Grand Slam title. Excellent tennis rates and highly competitive kabaddi betting odds can be found at 1xBet, where the most profitable wagers in the market can be made.

On that day, McEnroe played against Swedish player Mikael Pernfors. The American had no problems in winning the first set. However, the Swede improved his game and won the second one. Things really started to get heated during the third set. Great betting odds for kabaddi and tennis are offered by 1xBet, where the best competitions are available for wagering.

At some moment during the third set, where both players were changing sides, McEnroe approached a lineswoman who allegedly had made a mistake. The American started to bounce a ball over his racket in front of her, without saying anything. He immediately got a warning from the umpire.

The fourth set

John McEnroe was basically out of control later in the match. Visit now https://1xbet.in/line/tennis if you want to wager on other players who have a possibility of losing their temper. During the fourth set, a bizarre sequence of events developed which looks as follows:

  • McEnroe throws a wide ball;
  • the player breaks a racket and starts swearing;
  • the umpire gives the player another warning;
  • McEnroe starts to insult the umpire directly;
  • a third and final warning is given.

At that moment the rule stated that three violations of this kind resulted in a default. This is exactly what the umpire announced to the American. The 1xBet online betting platform also allows you to wager on the likelihood of a player being defaulted.

Funnily enough, McEnroe stated in a press conference that he was unaware of that default rule. He thought that four warnings were needed instead of three. It is because of those kinds of statements that John McEnroe is remembered as one of the most iconic tennis players ever.

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