Cannabis Edibles: A Top-Notch Guide to Buying Shatter Bars in Canada


Buying shatter bars in Canada can be a daunting task. There are many options and different shatter bars to choose from. 

Here, we will provide you with everything you need to know about buying shatter bars in Canada, including the different types available, how to choose one that suits your needs, and how to buy them.

What is a Shatter Bar?

A shatter bar is a type of marijuana concentrate used in vaporizers, dab rigs, and other smoking devices. The high that results from using a shatter bar are often described as euphoric and energetic, with a rapid onset of effects.

How To Identify High-Quality Shatter Bars

Quality shatter bars are a great way to experience cannabis. They have a high THC content and are made with the highest quality ingredients.

The best way to identify high-quality shatter bars is by looking at the ingredients list. High-quality shatter bars will have all-natural ingredients, like hemp seed, coconut butter, and honey. They will also have small amounts of other herbs like lavender or chamomile.

Another way to tell if your shatter bar is high quality is by looking at how it’s packaged. High-quality shatter bars are usually packaged in glass jars or metal tins with plastic lids so you can see exactly what you’re getting. This makes it easier to know what you’re getting when you buy them at the store or online.

The following way to identify high-quality shatter bars is by the scent: When you open the jar, you should be greeted with a delicious aroma. To be honest, the smell of shatter can vary from product to product, so don’t get hung up on the exact smell of your cannabis concentrate. Just make sure it smells like cannabis!

Finally, feel the texture: High-quality shatter has a smooth and perfectly textured consistency—not sticky or gritty but not too slick either (if that makes sense). It should feel like chewing gum if you run your finger across it—but again, this varies from product to product so just feel around until you find something that feels right.

Are Shatter Bars Safe

Cannabis Shatter Bars are safe. They are made of a blend of high-quality cannabis and terpenes that make them just as powerful as other forms of smoking but with none of the risks associated with smoking. 

Cannabis Shatter Bars have been proven to have fewer carcinogens than traditional tobacco products like cigarettes or cigars. Even better? They don’t contain nicotine! So feel free to enjoy your next cannabis vape in peace, knowing that you’re not adding more toxins to your body than you already do from eating healthy foods daily.

They are a better option for people who want to feel their CBD’s effects without worrying about getting high.

How Long Does it Take for Shatter Bars to Kick in?

If you’ve been smoking bud for a while, it might take longer to feel the effects because your body has gotten used to being hit with THC and other cannabinoids.

You might also notice that your weed impacts your senses—you’ll be able to taste things more clearly, see things more vividly, and hear things in a new way.

But if you’re new to cannabis and haven’t had much experience with marijuana before, it’s likely going to affect you faster. The reason is simple: when someone first starts using marijuana regularly, they’re usually predisposed to experiencing the effects more quickly than someone who’s done it before. So they’ll get high faster.

Are Shatter Bars Potent?

If you’re looking for a way to explore the most out of your cannabis, then shatter bars are for you. High-quality shatter is known for its potency and ability to deliver a strong high. When you use shatter bars, you’ll enjoy the same results as with other forms of THC delivery like edibles or vapes—without any downsides.

Shatter bars are made by grinding up your favourite strains into a fine powder to be used as an edible instead of eating multiple pieces of cannabis edibles. They have different shapes and sizes and can be flavoured with various ingredients: chocolate, honeycomb, sour candy, or whatever you want.

How to Consume Shatter Properly

You’re ready to consume cannabis, and it’s time to start. But where do you start? You have options. You can roll a joint, smoke it, take a dab in a bong, or use shatter. Each method has its pros and cons.

Using shatter is more involved than either of those options because it requires some preparation before you start using it—but once you’ve done that prep work (such as grinding down your weed), there’s no need for any other steps! You just melt down some bud into wax form, then use it.

To consume cannabis shatter, you have to use a proper method.

The first step is to break up the shatters into smaller pieces by hand. This makes it easier to eat. Next, heat your shatters in a pan on low heat (or a double boiler if you have one). If you want to use a microwave, ensure it’s at least 700 watts and the “power level” is high. Once the shatters are melted, add them to your glass and stir until they’re fully mixed with the alcohol. Then drink up!

Bottom Line

One of the most important factors in determining a shatter bar’s quality is its strain type. The higher quality of the strain, the easier it will be to get huge, beautiful sparkly dabs with lots of terpenes and cannabinoids. You may also see things like “supreme,” “fancy,” “heady,” and other such terms used to describe different strain types, but not all dispensaries will use these terms consistently or know exactly what they mean. Most importantly, don’t settle for low-quality shatter bars just because they are the cheapest option.

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