Something You Did Not Know About Mozzarella


      Today, we do not lack anything. Moreover, you can order any type of goods from all over the world, and they will be delivered on time. Technologies allow us to do many amazing things. Though our desire for delicious food, good sleep, and fantastic rest is always in our mind. With the last one, we recommend online slots for real money South Africa. A good sleep always is a problem but soon will be holidays, and you can rest in silence. As for the food we are going to talk here about the amazing mozzarella and some facts about it that you have never heard. 

Some Interesting Facts About Production

     Mozzarella is a fresh pasty-drawn cheese. It is a typical representative of the Italian fibrous cheese category “pasta filata” which comes from the South of Italy.  Its name comes from the Italian mozzare. It means “cut off, cut off”, which is associated with the technology of its preparation.

     Today, cow’s milk mozzarella is produced all over Italy. But only the buffalo milk cheese Mozzarella di bufala campana, which is produced exclusively in the vicinity of Rome and Naples, can be considered a real mozzarella. It has been awarded the highest DOP category.

      Mozzarella is produced in the following way. First, pasteurized or raw milk is fermented with a thermophilic lactic acid culture and coagulated with rennet. This is ideal. In specific cases, calcium chloride, lipase, and citric acid solution can be used. The resulting “curd” is heated together with whey and kneaded for a long time. If it is handmade cheese, then with hands or wide wooden sticks. It is heated until a homogeneous, relatively dense, and elastic cheese clot is formed. Pieces are cut off from this clot and cheese of various shapes is molded. These can be balls, knots, pigtails, or even pig figures. After they are placed in a cold brine.

      The correct mozzarella is white, slightly flattened balls of 75-100 mm weighing from 100 to 200 g, packed with brine in vacuum bags or jars.

So Different Mozzarella

      A real classic mozzarella, which has been awarded the highest DOP category, can only be considered buffalo mozzarella from Campania It is produced exclusively in the vicinity of Rome and Naples.

      Most of the mozzarella that is made in other areas of Italy is made from cow’s milk. Very rare is mozzarella from sheep’s milk.  It is called mozzarella pecorina. It is made in Sardinia, Abruzzo, and Lazio, and goat mozzarella is called mozzarella caprina. The inhabitants of Naples and the entire region of Campania treat mozzarella not made from buffalo milk with obvious disdain.

     The most famous and sought-after mozzarella is fresh mozzarella. Actually, such a mozzarella is labeled as mozzarella fior di latte, if it is from cow’s milk, and mozzarella di bufala. If it is from buffalo. The freshest mozzarella is a one-day mozzarella. Though this is not an industrial cheese. It can only be bought in small shops. They can be found in the Campania region. Many homemade mozzarella productions have been preserved, which cook one-day mozzarella for local residents from the very early morning. Its shelf life is minimal. Bought and eaten.

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