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Poker games are full of emotions and people love to play these games. With the introduction of the internet, now a person can easily play any poker game whenever and wherever he or she wants to. The online platform has players from all over the world where a person can interact and play any poker game with them. One of the famous poker games which have a large base of players on the internet is the dragon tiger game. This game is an interesting version of a poker game. With the help of these online games, a person can easily play with any person they want who might be sitting in another country.  

How to play the dragon tiger game?

Dragon tiger game is a poker game which is originated in Cambodia. This game is also considered one of the most popular poker games in the world. This game is simple to play and has a fast pace all over the game. This game has some specific and easy-to-understand rules under which this game is played.

Rules for the dragon tiger game

This game has few rules. Some of these rules are given in the following points-

Rule no. 1: There are two cards at the start of the game. These two cards are dealt as dragon and tiger in the game. The main motive of this game is to bet on either the tiger betting side or the dragon betting side. If the side chosen by the person remains the highest on the table, then the person wins the game.

Rule no. 2: A person can bet on the tiger side if thinks the side might get the upper hand or can bet on the dragon side. If the person does not feel believe in both options, then he or she can even bet on the tie side of the table.

Rule no. 3: In this game, aces are considered the lowest rank in the deck. The other cards of the deck have the same value of ranks as the numbers mentioned on them. Kind is supposed to be the highest rank in this game. 

Rule no. 4: In this game, only the highest card wins the whole game. There is no suit in this game like in other poker games.

Rule no. 5: In a game of dragon tiger, if there is a chance of getting a tie, then the players will lose fifty percent of their bets which were placed on the sides.

Rule no. 6: Whenever a person wins a round of the dragon tiger game, then the winning bet must be paid at the end of the round.

Effective strategies for the dragon tiger game

Many strategies can help a person in winning this game. Some of these strategies are given in the following points

Proper financial management: In this strategy, a person would try to bet low according to his or her budget. For example, if a person has thousand rupees in their bankroll, then he or she might bet rupees hundred rupees than betting two thousand rupees on the rather side of the game. This would help a person in maintaining their position of a person in the game and even would prevent a person from financial ruin.

Understanding the rules: A person should first understand the game properly and then should advance in the game. Understanding the rules of the game is important, especially when a person is playing the dragon tiger game with real money. A person should also try to be familiar with how the payouts work in this game. A person should try to play this game on an online platform first as this online platform would assist the player in understanding the rules of the game.

Play only limited games: As discussed earlier, this game has a very high pace. Due to this thing, a person who wins a game might feel the game is a bit easy and could try to play another game. This could end up in losing the things which were earned in the first game. That is why it is said that a person should only play a limited amount of rounds in this dragon tiger game.

Stick to one side: This tactic is considered as playing safe in the game. In this tactic, a person would bet on one side only rather than switching sides for the duration of the game. If a person sticks to one side rather than switching sides, then a person has more chances to win this game.

Ignore patterns: In the game of dragon and tiger, a person who is relying on the pattern of the deck might not be able to win this game at all. In this game, there is always a chance of having odds on one hand. Dragon and tiger might be a game of chance but playing it with no idea might end up in losing the whole game. Therefore, strategies and tricks are important for winning these games.

Trust on the winning side: In this game, a person should try to analyze the game first and should try to bet on the side which was winning earlier in the game. Every casino or live dealer would provide the history of the games and with the help of that, a person can analyze which side is winning and could bet according to that in his or her turn.

So, it can be concluded that nowadays, if a person, who is a rookie, wants to play an interesting poker game, then the dragon tiger game can be a good option for you. This game is considered a simple poker game and anyone can win this game if he or she tries to follow the rules given above. This game also has its online version. Therefore, a person can play this game on their mobile phone while waiting for someone or something. This game can be a good option for passing your extra time.

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