The 10 Best Payers In IPL History So Far: Greatest Players Of All Time


Since its inception in 2008, the IPL has provided some of the most well-known athletes with the chance to showcase their abilities in a competitive setting.

The IPL (IPL), with all of its glitter and glamour, yearly exhibits some of the greatest batting, bowling, and fielding in the globe, much to the enjoyment of millions of viewers across the world.

Who, in your opinion, are some of the best players in the history of this league? Who are some of the most notable figures in the history of cricket who became household names due to their exceptional performances?

  • Pragyan Ojha –

According to ipl current news, both Deccan Chargers and Mumbai Indians had 85 wickets, an average of 22.69, an economy rate of 7.18, and a score of 3-11 in the BBI.

Pragyan Ojha, a participant who has shown excellent consistency throughout the IPL, has been selected to bat at No. 10. He shown success early on, and given how well he has performed at the national, international, and IPL levels, it is obvious that he is fulfilling his potential.

  • Jacques Kallis –

2,276 runs with a strike rate of 108.74, an average of 28.81, and a top score of 89; 61 wickets with a strike rate of 34.54, an average of 7.85, and 3-13 BBI.

Jacques Kallis, the finest all-around player in South Africa, has been able to carry over his sway to the IPL, where he is still an important player. One of the finest all-around players in league history is Kallis. because to his excellent batting and strong bowling.

  •  Sachin Tendulkar –

Sachin has average of 34.83 runs per game, have a 119.81 strike rate, and their top score is 100*.

As a reward for his outstanding career and supremacy in the IPL, Sachin Tendulkar, who had just announced his retirement, ought to be included on this list. Tendulkar only participated in one Twenty20 match, but he soon became used to the new regulations and made a century for Bombay against Cochin in 2011.

  •  Gautam Gambhir –

Teams: Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Daredevils

2,471 runs; a 31.67 average; a strike rate of 127.04; and a highest score of 93

Another player who has consistently performed well with the bat in the IPL is Gautam Gambhir. He is currently listed as number seven. Gambhir is one of the wickets that every IPL club wants, despite the fact that he has not performed well at the international level. Gambhir hopes to return to the Indian national squad by using the league as a stepping stone.

  •  RP Singh –

The Deccan Chargers, Kochi, MI, and RCB combined to take 87 wickets at an economy rate of 7.84 and a BBI of 4-22 while maintaining an average of 25.59. Left-handed RP Singh is another bowler who has lived up to his early promise. He has become as one of the IPL’s most dreadful seamers.

Because to his precision and swing, he has taken 87 wickets. His ownership by four separate clubs demonstrates how well-liked he has been.

  • Chris Gayle –

The two teams are Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

2,512 runs; a 52.33 avg. ; a 160.20 cpt. ; and a 175* best mark. Occidental Caribbean Chris Gayle has excelled in the IPL and is regarded by many as one of the finest hitters in the world (IPL).

He defeated Pune in 2013 with the biggest score ever recorded in the IPL. By striking forcefully and destructively, he was able to do this, and Gayle will continue to rule for a few more years.

  • Rohit Sharma –

The teams are Mumbai Indians and Deccan Chargers.

2,513 runs, a 32.63 batting average, a 129.66 strike rate, and a top score of 109.

In the current run-scoring rankings, Rohit Sharma, a highly talented batsman who has performed well in the IPL since its inaugural season, is in first position. To get there, he had to pass Chris Gayle.

In the middle order, Sharma is a key batsman, and India has previously experienced his prowess on the international stage. Another player with 100 goals in the IPL is Sharma.

  •  Amit Mishra –

With a combined 95 wickets, an average of 20.25, an economy rate of 6.93, and a BBI of 5-17, the three teams—Deccan Chargers, Delhi Daredevils, and Sunrisers Hyderabad—had a combined total of 95 wickets.

Amit Mishra, the finest spin bowler in league history, has caused a lot of difficulty for the hitters in the IPL. His bowling average is the second lowest in the league, and the following league season will undoubtedly see him take more than 100 wickets.

  •  Lasith Malinga –

The Mumbai Indians had 103 wickets at the conclusion of the match, with an average of 17.95 and an economy rate of 6.54. In the end, the BBI received a score of 5–13.

Although though Lasith Malinga is the only player in IPL history to have taken more than 100 wickets, it is simple to forget that he did not participate in the league’s first season in 2008.

However despite this, he has made up for lost time and now owns the league records for highest bowling average, greatest economy rate, and most wickets taken. He has also claimed the most wickets. Malinga is the finest bowler in the IPL despite having a fragile physique (IPL).

  •  Suresh Raina –

Chennai Super Kings’ 2,802 runs, 35.02 average, 141.37 strike rate, and 100* top score make up their stats. Since he has scored the most runs in IPL history, Suresh Raina is at the top of their list.

Even if his weaknesses may have been more visible in test matches, the left-handed batsman remains one of the finest in the league, and his wicket is still highly important in the IPL.

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